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1 Two Paragraphs for Liberty: “Liberty”.

As everyone knows, the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of our country ends with the phrase "with Liberty and Justice for All." But what is Liberty? I am a Libertarian, and it forms the root and basis for our political and even philosophical beliefs. But it is not really discussed by most people. So in an effort to focus more upon this most important concept, this series will be sent to you every week. Only two paragraphs at a time, so obviously the presentation will not be in depth. But I hope that it will spur you the reader to further thoughts about the concept and benefits of Liberty, and also spur you to forward the series on to your circle of friends for the same purpose. Contrary to the feelings of many people, Liberty is not a "no holds barred, anything goes" philosophy – far from it. Because Liberty also involves responsibility – at every level of society, including personal, group, corporate and governmental. But it also means that all adults should be able to live their lives as they choose, as long as that does not wrongly interfere with the ability of others to do the same thing. So please watch for this series each week, and use it to think about, employ and become an advocate for Liberty. (Next week: More on Liberty) Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)

Repeal laws that violate our constitutional, human rights By James P. Gray

Friday, January 2, 2015 Repeal laws that violate our constitutional, human rights By James P. Gray Millions of people all around the world still love America - and Americans. They may not always be wild about some of the actions our government takes, but many of us here are not either. But what is it that makes our country so special - even exceptional? The soul of our great country is our liberty and our freedoms. And today our very soul is under attack by our own government. As legal professionals, we cannot allow this to continue. The temptation to deprive people of their liberties in the name of their own security goes back throughout history to Ancient Greece and before. The Founding Fathers of our country (and Mothers, because women like Abigail Adams must be included) were keenly aware of this tradeoff. This caused them to try to combat it by drafting our Constitution and Bill of Rights, so our country would be a bastion of individual freedom from government encroachment. Tragically those protections have been eroded substantially since that time - mostly by keeping our country in a constant state of war. James Madison's warned us that "No nation can preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare ... If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign power." We should keep his warnings forefront in our minds, because that is what we are now facing. The justifications for the main present attacks upon our liberty by our government come from several statutes passed by Congress in the name of keeping us safe, with the largest impetus being from the so-called War on Terror. In its name Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act, which allows our government to detain (i.e., arrest) any of us, citizens or not, and hold us indefinitely without charges or a trial, merely by the executive department labeling us as suspected terrorists. This statute has turned our traditional concept of due process on its head. The same rationale was also used for Congress to pass the so-called PATRIOT Act, which has been used to justify government snooping upon our private telephone calls, email messages, and bank records. That same legislation was also used to justify the torture (often labeled as "enhanced interrogation") of people in our custody. And yes, that includes waterboarding. Did you ever think that our country would even debate whether we should waterboard someone in our custody? Acts like these were seen by George Washington as such a blight upon the honor of our country that he threatened death during the Revolutionary War to any of our troops who mistreated British prisoners of war. When it comes down to it, there probably is no power more complete than the ability to torture captive human beings, or more despicable. So these laws must be repealed. Why? Because we are better than this. Sen. John McCain, who was tortured continually while being held captive in North Vietnam, put it best when he said torture "compromises that which most distinguishes us from our enemies." And our country officially recognized this reality in the 1980s when we joined most of the civilized world in signing a treaty committing us to refrain from torture under any circumstances, and to prosecute any of us that did so. An additional reason to repeal these laws is practical. The goal of most terrorist organizations is to show the world that, contrary to its preaching, the government of the United States of America is no better than any other. So every time our government acts to violate anyone's human or constitutional rights, it is helping the terrorists to achieve their goal. The same analysis and reality should keep our government from killing people with missiles launched from drones. This is not only a violation of our principles, but, at least in countries like Pakistan and the Sudan where we don't even claim we are at war, is probably also a violation of international law. And besides, just like with torture, it probably doesn't work. Put yourself in the place of a son or brother of someone killed by one of our drones, you would probably vow revenge. We are almost surely recruiting more terrorists than we are killing. Without a doubt radical groups in the world today are doing monstrous things to innocent people, like shooting students in their schools, bombing devout people while in prayer, and kidnapping and executing women and children. But the scenario that there is a "ticking time bomb" about to explode, and the only way to keep innocent people from being killed is to torture the information out of a terrorist, basically only happens in Hollywood. Furthermore, as if we needed any other reason but the moral one, tortured information is typically unreliable. There is also another important reason for repeal: Requiring government agents to procure a judicial warrant based upon probable cause will not compromise our security. Federal judges are fully as concerned about terrorist threats as the rest of us are, and they will surely sign arrest and search warrants as the circumstances and the law allow to enable government agents to keep us safe. But enforcing the constitutional requirement of procuring those warrants will seriously reduce the risks of abuses in the process itself. Finally, when it comes down to it, we, as adults, must be realistic enough to realize there is only so much that our government can do to keep us safe from wanton acts of terrorism. Yes, we can concentrate our security forces on airline terminals, but what about train stations or bus terminals? Or bridges or tunnels on our nation's highways? Movie theaters, sports stadiums or crowded beaches? We should take a lesson from the people of London during World War II's Battle of Britain when hell was literally reigning down from the skies during the frequent German Luftwaffe bomber attacks. When the air raid sirens went off, people did what was necessary to protect themselves by going down into bomb shelters. But after the all-clear was sounded, they went back to their regular lives without living in fear. We should do the same. So let us all stand up and work actively to repeal all of our country's laws that allow human and constitutional rights to be violated. It is the right thing to do for simple justice. More importantly, our country's soul is at stake. James P. Gray is a retired judge of the Orange County Superior Court, the author of "A Voter's Handbook: Effective Solutions to America's Problems" (The Forum Press, 2010), and was the 2012 Libertarian candidate for vice president, along with Gov. Gary Johnson as the candidate for president. DAILY JOURNAL NEWSWIRE ARTICLE C 2015 The Daily Journal Corporation. All rights reserved.


One of the most important things we can do as a society is to make the opportunity for excellence in education available to all children in our country. But this is clearly not happening today, particularly in lower economic neighborhoods. If we wish to change this, the first thing we need to decide is whether the purpose of our educational system is to provide excellence in education, or to protect below-average teachers. Tragically, in most cases it appears that we have chosen the latter approach. But if we would choose excellence, our chances for it to be realized would be maximized by giving parents the liberty of choosing where the government money will be spent for the education of their children. If that were to happen, virtually everyone would come out ahead, except below-average teachers and their unions. Children would receive excellence because, if a school did not perform, their parents would transfer them to another school that would. And this could be a public, private, religious, charter, military, or even vocational school. And if such a school did not exist in a particular neighborhood, and there were a funded demand, entrepreneurs would quickly fill the vacuum. Good teachers would also benefit because they would both be judged for educational results instead of restricted in their teaching methods, and be paid better because they would be in demand. And all of these results will be accomplished through the Liberty of choice. (Next week: Enforcing Liberty through Contracts) Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)


Earlier in our history, those coming to America faced fewer immigration problems in entering our country. And, if you think about it, that should be a fundamental human right. Why should people's chances of living in the country or environment of their choice be limited by the accident of the location of their birth? Nevertheless, we do have a legitimate interest in prohibiting immigrants from receiving welfare benefits paid for by the rest of us. So how can this situation be resolved? By issuing work visas rather liberally to immigrants after a basic background check for criminality and health issues. This would not be a "pathway to citizenship," and there would be no entitlement to welfare, except in cases of true medical emergencies. But by adopting this approach, not only would we be upholding a human liberty, we would also bring large beneficial results for our economy. Why? Because if labor is not allowed to go to capital, capital will go to labor, and it is better for our economic prosperity for businesses to be located in our country than elsewhere. In addition, since the immigrants would be here legally, they can also be required to get drivers' licenses and pay their taxes. So in this area, like so many others, Liberty works! (Next week: Liberty in Free Trade) Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday, July 31, Judge Jim Gray, Larry Sand, and Katie Grimes join Martha Montelongo, with John Seiler, Managing Editor at, and Ben Boychuk, Associate Editor with City Journal.

Anaheim PD Violence, City Govt and Drug Laws, One Teachers' Pay Hike Racket, When Defrauding and Shaking Down the Public Became "de rigueur"

Tuesday, July 31, Judge Jim Gray, Larry Sand, and Katie Grimes join Martha Montelongo, with John Seiler, Managing Editor at, and Ben Boychuk, Associate Editor with City Journal.

Judge Jim Gray authored Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed and What We Can Do About It: A Judicial Indictment of the War on Drugs.  "It was the culmination of his experience as a former federal prosecutor, defense attorney and trial judge."  We'll speak with Judge Gray about Anaheim, about an important factor  in the legal conflicts between the people of the affected neighborhood of Anaheim and the Anaheim Police Department.

Larry Sand  of CTEN talks with us about a racket teachers in CA use to hike their pay regardless of whether or not they hike their skills or achievements as teachers.

Katy Grimes of CalWatchDog talks about the investigative reporting she's done recently, to uncover millions of dollars of stashed away taxpayer dollars.  While the State of CA cries poverty and threatens to shut down parks, cut vital services and cut back university and K-12 funding, agencies have been hoarding and doling out millions of dollars, like slush funds.

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Parks Dept. corruption not isolated
July 27, 2012 By Katy Grimes

The recent scandal inside of the State Parks and Recreation Department is no surprise to anyone, but the levels of corruption, schemes and deceit, is. The agency director, Ruth Coleman, resigned. But as she r…

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Jim Gray: Libertarian vice presidential candidate visits Alaska

Jim Gray: Libertarian vice presidential candidate visits Alaska
Alaska Dispatch
The Libertarian Party finally has two respectable candidates for the presidential ticket, including veep hopeful Jim Gray, who was in Alaska this July 4 week, trying to get the word out.
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The Ron Paul and Gary Johnson Conundrum | Peace . Gold . Liberty ...

The Ron Paul and Gary Johnson Conundrum | Peace . Gold . Liberty ...
Permalink. Judge Jim Gray is a very nice person and principled advocate for liberty. I believe he has a book out also. —. Support freedom and liberty candidates, ...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jim Gray, the former Orange County Superior Court judge and the Libertarian Party's

Wednesday's Calendar
Daily Pilot
Jim Gray, the former Orange County Superior Court judge and the Libertarian Party's nominee for vice president, takes part in an online town hall meeting, which will also feature Rob Kampia, co-founder and executive director of the Marijuana Policy ...,0,392012.story

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Judge Jim Gray On the campaign trail, May 2012

On the campaign trail, May 2012
After the Libertarian Party nominated former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson for president at May's Libertarian National Convention, upon Johnson's request, the party selected Judge Jim Grayof California for Vice President to complete the ticket.
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Friday, June 1, 2012

Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's time for Californians to get smart on crime, and put the war on drugs behind them.

It's time for Californians to get smart on crime, and put the war on drugs behind them.

California can no longer afford to continue locking up thousands of people each year and branding them "felon" for life simply for possessing a small amount of illicit drugs for personal use. The waste of valuable resources and human life is far too great. For low-level drug offenders, treatment – not incarceration – is the most effective crime prevention. 

State Senator Mark Leno is sponsoring Senate Bill 1506 to revise the penalty for the simple drug possession under state law from a felony to a misdemeanor. This bill will be voted on today or tomorrow in the CA Senate. So, please take a few minutes to write your State Senator today. The legislation will free up funding that can be used effectively to help more people get the treatment they need. It will help to improve safety and relieve overcrowding in California jails and prisons. It will also remove barriers to community reintegration efforts that work against sobriety and public safety.

Tell your California State Senator to support SB 1506 for meaningful drug law reform in California today! 


Devon Tackels

Regional Outreach Coordinator
Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Monday, May 28, 2012

Judge Jim Gray 2012 Vice President Nomination Speech.

Preserving Freedom: Judge Jim Gray VP Nomination Speech
Judge Jim Gray VP Nomination Speech. Libertarian Vice President nominee Judge Jim Grayspeaking at the Libertarian National Convention, May 5, 2012.

War on Drugs

Barack Obama drug warrior, Clarence Aaron collateral damage
San Francisco Chronicle (blog)
This story provides another example of how Barack Obama is worse in the war on drugs than George W. Bush. Pardon expert/blogger extraordinaire PS Ruckman alerted me to this MSNBC appearance in which former pardon attorney Sam Morison talks about how ...
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Women on the rise in Mexican drug cartels
Bangkok Post
The high mortality rate in Mexico's drug war has seen women progress quickly in the shadowy underworld of the cartels and they are increasingly taking on key management roles, a new book says. Mexican Army soldiers guard Irasema Lopez Garza, ...
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NARCOTICS: CIA-Pentagon Death Squads and Mexico's 'War on Drugs"
Center for Research on Globalization
In the context of the misbegotten "War on Drugs," that "client" is the US government and the nexus of bent banks, crooked cops, shady airplane brokers, chemical manufacturers, and spooky defense and surveillance firms who all profit from the chaos they ...
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Center for Research on Globalization
Gone but not forgotten: Hampton hosts Memorial Day ceremony
"Chief Maloney was killed in action in the war on drugs," Fatello said. "The Global War on Terrorism and the global war on drugs are closely related. The sales of these dangerous drugs help finance the war on terror." The American Legion also paid a ...
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Sasquatch! 2012: The War On Drugs
SSG Music
The War On Drugs took on the Bigfoot stage at Sasquatch! with a blend of folk/mountain music approached from a riff-heavy rock/shoegaze approach. The War On Drugs are a band that falls easily in line with both riff-rock and folk-rock traditions.
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SSG Music
Sinaloa cartel, Zetas push Mexico's drug violence to new depths
Los Angeles Times
(Alexandre Meneghini, Associated Press / May 21, 2012) By Tracy Wilkinson, Los Angeles Times CULIACAN, Mexico — The cartel henchman nicknamed "El Loco" was reported behind the latest atrocity in Mexico's ever-more-depraved drug war: mutilating 49 ...
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Establishment on a Witch Hunt?
Tenth Amendment Center
... civil liberty violating aspects of the Patriot Act and presidential war power abuses, not to mention an unconstitutional federal "War on Drugs" that cages millions of minorities and criminalizes thousands of people simply seeking some pain relief.
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Going beyond scandal to substance
Trinidad & Tobago Express
Recently, many national leaders and citizens have joined the list of strident critics of the "war on drugs" approach. Clearly, the "war" cannot be won. Guatemala's President, Otto PĂ©rez Molina, has even advocated legalising drug consumption and ...
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At the heart of American justice (Part I)
The grisly War on Drugs is, perhaps, the pinnacle example of policy adoption to augment imprisonment of civilians. Despite a glaring report by the Global Commission on Drug Policy, which condemned the drug war as utterly counterproductive, ...
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If you're using illegal drugs, you're accessory to murder
Mansfield News Journal
Then I suspect that many of these same concerned citizens go on home, kick back and light up a joint or maybe they even might lay out a line of coke or some other drug of choice. The war on drugs will not succeed until the demand for drugs in this ...
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Friday, May 25, 2012

Press Conference with Judge Jim Gray, LP Vice Presidential ...

Press Conference with Judge Jim Gray, LP Vice Presidential ...
Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate To Appear in Oakland on Thursday Anti- Drug-War Message Bolstered by New Nationwide Poll WHEN: Thursday May ...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Contra Costa Libertarians Present Vice Presidential Candidate ...

Contra Costa Libertarians Present Vice Presidential Candidate ...
This will be a great opportunity to meet "The Next Vice President of The United States" Judge Jim Gray. Meet and socialize with other Libertarians and Liberty ...
Marijuana Support Given By Superior USA Court Judge James P. Gray
Vaporizing Marijuana has been known to PREVENT LUNG CANCER Vaporizing means there is ...

Judge Jim Gray, Libertarian VP candidate, to speak and get stroked ...

Judge Jim Gray, Libertarian VP candidate, to speak and get stroked ...
Posted in: "The OC" , 2012 Presidential Elections , Bowers Museum , Fresh Juice , Judge Jim Gray , libertarian party , liberty , marijuana legalization , Santa Ana ...
First Judge Jim Gray Rally Saturday, May 12 2012 |
JUDGE JIM GRAY HONORED AS LIBERTARIAN PARTY VP NOMINEE Returned Home to Orange County for Saturday Rally Fresh from winning the Vice ...

Judge Jim Gray (L-CA) Homecoming - 2012 Libertarian Party VP ...

Judge Jim Gray (L-CA) Homecoming - 2012 Libertarian Party VP ...
Judge Jim Gray, 2012 Libertarian Party Nominee for Vice President, Speaks at Homecoming ...

Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray could catch presidential race by surprise

Gary Johnson could catch presidential race by surprise

To date, Johnson has been polling between 6 and 9 percent nationally – several points shy of what he needs.

Johnson, a Republican who served as governor of New Mexico from 1995 to 2003, is running on a platform that includes slashing government spending to balance the federal budget by 2013, ending wars the U.S. in involved in, and drug reform --  beginning with the legalization of marijuana but extending all the way to the war on drugs, drug policy, relations with Latin America, and even law enforcement policies and priorities-- issues that neither of the two major candidates President Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney are pursuing right now.  


Judge Jim Gray Homecoming - 2012 Libertarian Party ... - Open Salon
Judge Jim Gray Homecoming - 2012 Libertarian Party VP Nominee On May 12, 2012 Judge Jim Gray, 2012 Libertarian Party Nominee for Vice President at his ...
Attention all liberty-lovers! The June meeting of the Ventura County Libertarian Party is one that no freedom advocate will want to miss! Fresh from winning the ...

Libertarian Party nominates Vice-Presidential candidate Jim Gray

Libertarian Party nominates Vice-Presidential candidate Jim Gray
Orange County Breeze
Fresh from winning the Vice Presidential nomination at the Libertarian Party annual convention last weekend in Las Vegas, Newport Beach Judge Jim Gray returns home to begin his campaign for office with Presidential nominee Gov. Gary Johnson.
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Retired O.C. judge named to Libertarian presidential ticket

Retired O.C. judge named to Libertarian presidential ticket

Newport Beach's Jim Gray is a longtime drug-reform activist.



Retired Orange County Superior Court Judge Jim Gray's national recognition as a drug-reform activist ratcheted up a notch last week, when he landed on the Libertarian Party presidential ticket.

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson got the expected nod as the Libertarian Party presidential nominee while Gray was confirmed as Johnson's running mate May 5 at the party's national convention in Las Vegas.

Article Tab: party-orange-jim-vice
Retired Orange County Superior Court Judge Jim Gray speaks at the May 5 Libertarian Party convention, where he was named the party's vice presidential nominee.

Newport Beach resident Gray, whom Johnson had previously mentioned as his preferred running mate, is hardly new to the political arena.

He ran as a Republican for the House of Representatives in 1998, losing in the primary as Bob Dornan advanced to the general but failed to win back his seat from Loretta Sanchez. Gray ran as a Libertarian for U.S. Senate in 2004 and helped lead the failed 2010 campaign for Proposition 19, which would have legalized marijuana for recreational use in California.

Johnson also supports legalized marijuana, but his differences from Mitt Romney and Barack Obama hardly end there. He attacks both for not being what they say they are – criticizing Romney's plan to cut the budget as unrealistic given his spending plans and criticizing Obama on civil liberties and involvement in Afghanistan.

Johnson dismissed suggestions that he could cost Romney the election.

"You know, all of those Romney supporters that are ardent marriage-equality advocates?" Johnson, who favors legalization of gay marriage, told the Daily Caller. "All those pot smokers that are for Romney? Nah, I don't buy it."

Tobacco money

Tobacco companies have pitched in more than $39 million to defeat Proposition 29, which would impose an additional $1 per pack cigarette tax, according to an analysis by non-partisan Maplight watchdog group. The new tax proceedings would go to research into and prevention of tobacco-related diseases,

Philip Morris alone has contributed $23.6 million so far, five times the $4.7 million total raised by measure proponents. Next comes R.J. Reynolds with $9.6 million. The top five contributors against Prop. 29 are tobacco companies. No. 6 is the California Republican Party, which has given $695,000. Americans for Tax Reform and the California Chamber of Commerce also oppose the measure.

Top contributors supporting the measures are the American Cancer Society ($1.6 million) and the Lance Armstrong Foundation ($1.5 million). Other proponents include the California Medical Association and the California State PTA.

Gay marriage poll

President Barack Obama said Wednesday that he now supports gay marriage but added that it should be up to the individual states. That stops short of the federal gay marriage preferred by the vast majority of Democrats surveyed in a new OC Political Pulse poll.

Among the 130 county Democrat respondents, 88 percent would prefer gay marriage be enacted on the federal level and another 4 percent wanted civil unions – rather than marriages – on the federal level. Just 5 percent shared Obama's position that states should take responsibility and perform same-sex marriages.

Republicans take a far different view. Of the 220 Republicans surveyed, only 4 percent of wanted to see gay marriage on a federal level.

Forty-nine percent of GOP respondents said gay couples should not have the same legal rights as man-woman married couples, while 28 percent approved of civil unions on a state-by-state basis.

Contact the writer: 714-796-6753 or

Friday, May 11, 2012

A Look at Libertarian Party Nominees Gary Johnson, Jim Gray

A Look at Libertarian Party Nominees Gary Johnson, Jim Gray
The Libertarians selected former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson for President, and retiredjudge James Gray of California for Vice President.

Retired OC judge named to Libertarian presidential ticket

Retired OC judge named to Libertarian presidential ticket
By MARTIN WISCKOL Retired Orange County Superior Court Judge Jim Gray's national recognition as a drug-reform activist ratcheted up a notch last week, when he landed on the Libertarian Party presidential ticket. Former New Mexico Gov.
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Retired OC judge named to Libertarian presidential ticket - Judge Jim Gray

Retired OC judge named to Libertarian presidential ticket
By MARTIN WISCKOL Retired Orange County Superior Court Judge Jim Gray's national recognition as a drug-reform activist ratcheted up a notch last week, when he landed on the Libertarian Party presidential ticket. Former New Mexico Gov.
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson announced his pick for V.P. -- Judge Jim Gray. As The Daily Caller reports:

Libertarian presidential candidate and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson has picked California Judge Jim Gray, a prominent pro-marijuana legalization advocate, to be his running mate, The Daily Caller has learned.
The decision to run with Gray "puts pot front-and-center in the campaign," one Johnson adviser told TheDC, before adding that Johnson's opposition to the war in Afghanistan will likely remain the campaign's defining issue.
But Jim Gray is no pothead; he's serious, conservative minded libertarian who has never used illegal drugs. His arguments aren't frivolous.
I interviewed Jim Gary a couple of years ago. Here's part of the that interview -- decide for yourself.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Three man presidential race now more interesting with Libertarian nominee

Three man presidential race now more interesting with Libertarian nominee
The process of nominating the Libertarian Party's Vice Presidential Candidate began shortly before 5:30 pm ET this afternoon with retired Judge Jim Gray winning the nomination with 59.5% of the vote and Lee Wrights receiving 38.2%. Judge Gray was ...

Libertarians Nominate Judge Jim Gray for Vice-President

Libertarians Nominate Judge Jim Gray for Vice-President
Uncovered Politics
By Austin Cassidy on May 5, 2012 With nearly 60% of the vote on the first ballot, former Superior Court Judge and marijuana legalization activist Jim Gray has been selected by the Libertarian Party as Gary Johnson's running mate.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More on the War on Drugs

Latin American countries pursue alternatives to US drug war
Washington Post
BOGOTA, Colombia — When President Obama arrives in Colombia for a hemispheric summit this weekend, he will hear Latin American leaders say that the US-orchestrated 
war on drugs, which criminalizes drug use and employs military tactics to fight gangs, ...
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VIDEO: Drug war policy an important topic for Summit of the Americas
Florida Independent
By Marcos Restrepo | 04.10.12 | 11:25 am Another Latin American president has called for a conversation about the US-sponsored 
war on drugs during the sixth Summit of the Americas, which takes place next week in Cartagena, Colombia.
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Summit of the Americas may by a turning point in the war on drugs
CBS News
(Credit: AP Photo/Marco Ugarte) (CBS News) No place on Earth has seen the bad end of the 
war on drugs more so than Latin America, where drug gangs flourish and bystanders are murdered by the tens of thousands. A lot of the drug war-related suffering in ...
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CBS News

VIDEO: Colombia President Santos calls for new look at War on Drugs
The Colorado Independent
By Marcos Restrepo Another Latin American president has called for a conversation about the US-sponsored 
war on drugs during the sixth Summit of the Americas, which takes place next week in Cartagena, Colombia. Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos ...
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Miami-Dade TNT Unit Loses the War on Drugs and Liberty City's Trust
Miami New Times
Santa's Helper, they say, is a perfect illustration of how a unit with a history of corruption — and a mound of complaints about excessive force — has lost the 
War on Drugs. In recent years, three officers who worked with TNT, but not assigned to the ...
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EPA's war on property rights
Daily Caller
By Paul H. Jossey "War," as political metaphor, is most often a tasteless accessory that demeans the term to those who have actually experienced it ("war on poverty," "
war on drugs"). But to the extent it connotes a full-fledged attempt to subjugate a ...
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Opinion: Obama Legalize Drugs or Turn Back Drug War at Colombia Summit
Democratic Underground
With the US-led 
drug war into its fourth decade, the leaders of South and Latin America are demanding change and reform from the largest importer of drugs in the hemisphere and the mightiest enforcer of drug prohibition. Despite the growing influence ...
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DRUG WAR: 2 of Latin America's deadliest gangs reportedly join forces
San Gabriel Valley Tribune
2010, the Guatemalan military declared a month long state of siege in Alta Verapaz in hopes of reclaiming cities that have been taken over by Mexico's Zetas 
drug gang. Guatemalan authorities say they have begun to see new and disturbing evidence of an ...
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Why Wall Street loves the War on Drugs
San Francisco Bay Guardian
Here's what make it worse: I don't think anyone at Goldman Sachs talked to the White House about this, but the 1 percent clearly have a lot to gain from the 
drug war. And it has nothing to do withdrugs. Let's be logical here. There's only one possible ...
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