Monday, December 28, 2015

2 Paragraphs 4 Liberty: #41 “Liberty and Gambling”

GrayThere is a great deal of betting that our governments allow in today’s world.  And in many ways, not only do governments approve of these “vices,” they actually promote them, like when they advertise for their state-run lotteries!  (And the idea that “it’s for the schools” is a diversion!)   This legal betting not only includes horse and dog racing, but also complete gambling not only in Nevada, but also in many Native American casinos all around the country.  Furthermore, depending upon your point of view, the stock market and other investments are simply another form of legalized gambling.  So why should placing wagers on sports events be illegal?  (And how, by the way, is fantasy football different than other sports gambling?)

Betting upon sports events has been around as long as human civilization, and it always will be.   So not only is this a matter of Liberty, it is also a matter of practicality.  As long as people are going to bet anyway, don’t prohibit gambling, provide for it, regulate and control it, and tax it.  Imagine how much money this would take away from the Black Market, and put instead into governments’ coffers!  This is simply another example of the philosophy of Liberty being completely consistent with responsibility as well as practicality.  So help promote the concept of Liberty – in this and other areas.  It only makes sense.

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)                         

2012 Libertarian candidate for Vice

President, along with Governor 

Gary Johnson as the candidate for President

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