Sunday, October 16, 2016

2 Paragraphs 4 Liberty: #86 ”Liberty and Progress”

johnsongray-2012If the government controlled the development of goods and services do you believe technology would be anywhere close to where it is today – in anything?  Of course not, because government has far fewer incentives to take risks and be creative.  Actually the same thing is true regarding big established companies, as opposed to smaller or at least younger ones.  For example, let’s talk about the automobile.

                GM, Ford and Toyota have been much more risk-averse in the development of new automobile technology than the upstarts Google, Tesla and Uber.  But thanks to Liberty in the form of competition and free-entry into the marketplace, these new young companies have spearheaded the technology of cars that drive themselves.  And when this becomes pervasive (in about 10 to 15 years?), this could convert those tedious commutes into work, play or nap sessions, which could truly revolutionize our lives.  But this is not the only revolution, because soon we will probably be able to “summon” our cars from our garage or parking spaces, or even make the owning of a car obsolete with a system of car-sharing.  And if/when that happens, think of the garage and parking spaces that will be freed up for better uses, and the lowering of car insurance premiums.  Isn’t Liberty a wonderful thing?

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)                         

2012 Libertarian candidate for Vice

President, along with Governor 

Gary Johnson as the candidate for President

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