Friday, March 30, 2012

War On Drug Issues

Richard Branson turns from adventuring to drug war critic
Chicago Tribune
"The prohibition of 
drugs has worked no better than the prohibition of alcohol, and serves only to empower violent criminal cartels and harm US citizens," Branson said in an e-mail interview with Reuters. US officials counter that the drug war has ...
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Digital Music News
After all, the 
drug trade features violent cartels, 'mules,' overdoses, gang warfare... pooping condoms after cross-Atlantic flights! By comparison, the war on piracy involves ripping off Metallica, it features a finite number of ISPs and lots of legal ...
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She said the police had taken some initiatives to fight 
drug business, including encouraging users to reveal big dealers. "There are so many entry points which hampers the war against drugs," she said.
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Red Bluff Daily News
It is, "If elected, will you vote to legalize drugs?" All will acknowledge that the 
war on drugs has failed but then the waffling will begin. As a result of this "war", that can never be won, the numbers are staggering. There are now more people under ...
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Panetta Declares 150000 Deaths (give or take) in Mexico's Drug War
Galván said the 
war on drugs "has cost the lives of 50000 Mexicans" and warned that the cartels that operate in the country have links in both Canada and the United States. Likewise, he pointed out that the most recent official statistics released in ...
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SXSW 2012: A week spent lost in Austin (Part 3 of 5)
Taunton Daily Gazette
Dropping my friend of at Stubbs to see Kaiser Chiefs and Temper Trap, I headed down to the Mohawk for one of the more popular showcases of Thursday, featuring Sharon Van Etten, the 
War on Drugs, Exit Music, Gauntlet Hair and at least four more bands.
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Sharon Van Etten's Evocative Sound Arrives in St. Louis
Riverfront Times (blog)
Fresh off the release of her third studio album Tramp, Van Etten will be performing Saturday at the Luminary Center for the Arts (4900 Reber Place, 
314-807-5984) along with the War on Drugs. Her exceptionally personal songwriting and unique sound is ...
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Riverfront Times (blog)

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