Tuesday, March 27, 2012

War on drugs

Rahm Emanuel declares another war on drugs
Chicago Reader
The first time I heard a police officer argue that the 
war on drugs wasn't working was in 1994. I was teaching at an alternative high school in South Shore, and the officer was a Chicago police veteran who'd been asked to lead the faculty through a ...
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The Call: America's drug war partners are speaking their minds
Foreign Policy (blog)
After decades of partnering with the US to pursue an aggressive, often controversial '
war on drugs,' a number of Latin American leaders say they're ready to discuss major shifts in regional anti-drug policy. Some of them have begun talk of ...
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A historic first: Latin American leaders call for drug decriminalization debate
Florida Independent
By Marcos Restrepo | 03.27.12 | 4:13 pm Current and former Latin American leaders are calling for alternatives to existing US 
drug war policies that have failed and led to more violence and corruption. CNN reported that Guatemala President Otto Perez ...
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Let's Support Nacob's War On Drugs
I was pleased to read about NACOB's no-nonsense approach to tackling 
drug trafficking (see NACOB readies for drug barons, Ghanaweb 7th March) but I was also alarmed at some of the online comments to the news item. The comments were typical of the ...
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War On Drugs: Canada, Mexico, US To Announce New Measures In Narcotics Fight
Huffington Post Canada
The so-called 
war on drugs has many critics, but US government officials stress that the bold firepower of drug cartels means no one country or agency can go it alone. The United Nations estimates that the drug trade in the United States, ...
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LEAP executive director speaks at UNI
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
The retired police officer is the executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, a 10-year-old organization aimed at ending the 
war on drugs, an endeavor Franklin said unfairly targets minorities. "I've done a complete 180," Franklin told a ...
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In the public eye: former SPD chief Norm Stamper stumps for change
Islands' Weekly
Still, Stamper argues that two wars — the 
War on Drugs and the War on Terror — "are turning cops into soldiers." He views both "wars" as insufficient reason for the federal government to massively fund the militarization of law enforcement in "even ...
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Pope Benedict XVI visits Mexico
Washington Post
Benedict will address key issues, including the 
war on drugs in Mexico and the evolution of the communist regime in Cuba. Women head for a bus in front of a poster depicting Pope Benedict XVI in Guanajuato, Mexico. A peddler sell flags and pictures of ...
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Ontario court crafts wise compromise on brothels
Globe and Mail
Because many people would have died if Ottawa had been allowed to shutter that clinic as part of its "
war on drugs." A law that puts vulnerable people in extra peril will almost always be grossly disproportionate to its purposes, and therefore ...
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