Friday, March 2, 2012

War on Drugs

What If They Held a War on Drugs and Nobody Fought? The Ticker
The only thing worse than asking the nations of Central America to fight our War on Drugs is to stick them with the tab. That in essence is what the US is doing. In an interview with Bloomberg News, Costa Rica's president Laura Chinchilla details the ...
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Does the "War on Drugs" Limit Supply?
Real News Network
Suggest Context Links Here PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR, TRNN: Is there any evidence that the war on drugs now or previously has actually had any positive effect? What I mean by that, in terms of availability, it seems to me there's not a high school in the ...
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War on Drugs frontman shares studio experiences
The Daily Progress
The frontman for Philadelphia-based indie rock band the War on Drugs drenches his rambling lyrical road poems in a tasteful rush of sonic experimentation. On the band's latest album, last year's critically praised "Slave Ambient," Americana collides ...
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Has Obama Challenged the "War On Drugs" Asumptions?
Real News Network
Perhaps no issue, when it comes to domestic policy, divides Americans more than the issue of the war on drugs. Some people see it as an attack on young people, something that is putting many people into jail that don't belong there for nonviolent ...
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Historic bust showed the drug war can't win for winning
Philadelphia Inquirer
By William C. Rempel If the often-frustrating, 40-year war on drugs has taught us anything, it is that even success can have dangerous downsides. Here's an example I came across in researching a book on the downfall of the Cali cartel.
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Brooklyn Rail
I have come to see that the drug war is like all wars, the same old story about a few controlling and profiting from the pain and suffering of the many. As Brandeis said, "We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated ...
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Community reaction to 'destructive' war on marijuana warning
By Community Team An international panel that includes a one-time Supreme Court judge are calling on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to stop what they call the destructive, expensive and ineffective war on drugs. (John D McHugh/Associated Press) As ...
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Does the War On Drugs Do More Harm to America than Actual Drugs?
Fox News (blog)
"We really thought that these drugs made people evil," he told me. But 10 years ago Franklin decided that drugs -- even hard drugs -- do much less harm to Americans than does the drug war. "Drugs can be -- and are in many cases -- problematic.
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Thailand's War on Drugs gets tougher
Thailand Business News
By Olivier Languepin - Fri, Mar 2nd, 2012 A joint drug suppression operation of policed and military personnel confiscated over 4 million methamphetamine pills smuggled into Thailand's northern border province of Chiang Rai from neighbouring Myanmar.
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Chalerm: Drug war success in 1 year
Bangkok Post
Deputy PM Chalerm Yubamrung says he's certain the war-on-drugs national agenda will achieve its goal in one year, as promised by the government. He said this success would be the result of cooperation between police forces and the army in building a ...
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